National President

I'Shaun "Trill" Byers

Chief of Staff (Sergeant-at-Arms)  Rob ?Mello? Rodriguez

National Historian

Ailin "OVO" Sawyer

Shield Cover.png

National Education Director

Ryan “Dapper CulprIT” Moore

National Chaplain

Tyrell “Dead Shot” Richardson

Paraphernalia Director


National Vice President

Rob “Mello” Rodriguez

National Membership Coordinator

 Abdullah "King MΣNSA" Salahud-din

National Public Relations Officer

Justin "Sincere" Gray

Shield Cover.png

National Administrative Director

Jomo "King IV Play" McReynolds


The National Director of Programs/Philanthropy

Machion “Gunner” Bray

Michael HADEZ Mckiesmith.png

National Chief of Staff 

Micheal "HadeΣ" McKiesmith

National Fundraising Director

Kemosi “Kane” Evans

National Webmaster

Osayame “SooSmooth” Evbuomwan

National Community Service Director

Trevor "King ΣTHΣR" Godwin


National Sergeant At Arms



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National Vice President -

National Chief of Staff -

National Director of Programs/Philanthropy -

National Membership Coordinator -

National Historian -

National Fundraising Director -

National Education Director -

National Public Relations Officer

National Webmaster -

National Chaplain -

National Administrative Director

National Community Service Director -

Southeast Regional Director -

National Sergeant at Arms -