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Founded on December 31, 2015, Incorporated January 3, 2016. Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity®, Inc. was envisioned as a worldwide organization for military men, that is governed by military men. SAG intends to create a compelling foundation with devoted individuals to become one, in order to form a strong bond within the organization and surrounding communities.

The concept of brotherhood within the military is being brought forth as a means to unite the branches of Armed Forces and veterans for a more noble and glorious purpose, Sigma Alpha Gamma, Military Fraternity®, Inc. was created.

Sigma Alpha Gamma® allows for the service minded military men to have a true foundation and brotherhood and with that, achieve their highest potential both professionally and personally.


Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity® Inc. Have 5 Pillars of Distinction which allude to the 4 Founders of this great Military Fraternity. The Pillars of Distinction are the foundation for recognizing achievements and encouraging excellence within our Greek and social community. 

Integrity: Due to his personal investment in Greek life, he strives to build a higher sense of moral and ethical commitment. We must at all times know what is right and do what is right. For this reason, our Integrity Pillar is represented through DHB Kabir Tompkins Sr.
Wisdom is knowing the right path to take……Integrity is taking it. 

Resolute: Determined and unwavering describes this Pillar. These attributes are what helps build a sturdy foundation for an Organization like ours. We must at all times have a firm determination to adhere to our cause and purpose.

Fortitude: Mental and Emotional strength, being able to face adversity or temptation. His life wasn’t easy yet he fought through it thus paving the way for others to do now what others refused. For this reason, our Fortitude Pillar is represented through the DHB Machion D. Bray.

Perseverance: Doing something despite difficulty or delay to achieve success no matter what. His determination and dedication has always been professional when mentoring others to be better. He has Integrity and honesty and will always set himself apart from others. For this reason, our Perseverance Pillar is represented through the DHB Terry M. Ellis.

Loyalty: Having your brothers back in life just like you would in a combat situation, and keeping your word and secrets of those in this organization and in life, is an attribute that our organizational family takes to heart.

Bonded:  On July 20, 2019 in Dallas, Texas, Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity, Inc. and Sigma Chi Epsilon Military Sorority, Inc. became constitutionally bonded. The bond creates a power team to better serve  the veteran and general communities.

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Man of Sigma Alpha Gamma by Lavon Byrd

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