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Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity®, Inc. understands that brotherhood means more than wearing the same letters, because brotherhood extends beyond the fraternity. It's the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes forth when you meet another man who wears Greek letters and have protected and served their country that reflects the wonderfulness of being apart of something great.

Here at Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity®, Inc. Our mission is not to change a person into someone different , give them outrageous egos, or have them live up to an expected "Frat" stereotype. Our mission is to make better men out of our members through knowledge, experience, and social responsibility. We want our members to retain the same personality and characteristics as before becoming a member. Our fraternity offers a lifetime of achievements and cherished memories. While also giving our members a competitive advantage in the business world through networking and experience from various endeavors associated with being a chapter member. Our Fraternity consists of active and former service members worldwide. We look for smart, talented, respectable, motivated, reliable, humble, and hard working men to join our wondrous ranks. For our organization requires investment such as time, effort, and proper representation to function at its best. If you meet the requirements and have chosen our type of organization as being best fit to expand your abilities and are TRULY interested in Sigma Alpha Gamma Fraternity®, then expressing your interest to the current members of our fraternity is the first step to this grand opportunity.


Membership in Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity®, Inc. is open to men of all branches of the United States Armed Forces who currently serve or have served honorably in the past. All applicants must have given at least two years of honorable service. Membership is also extended to widowers who have been granted Veterans status. Sigma Alpha Gamma® DOES NOT disqualify anyone for belonging to or having been a member of another Greek organization or who has left another Military Greek organization. We PRIDE ourselves on a standard by which one can go between different branches of service and so that is NOT a determining factor for SAG.


Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity®, Inc. seeks men who will continue to uphold and build upon our Gamma Pillars of Aspiration: Scholarship, Leadership, Obedience, Finance and Equality. By taking the time to learn more about SAG, You have already made the first step to becoming a member of our elite fraternity. The next step is to download, complete and submit your application to us. Applications may be submitted by email or mail by which email is the fastest. Once your application is received and reviewed you will be notified by our National Membership Director on the status of your application and your next step within 72 hours. If you have not heard from us, please contact us via email. Applications may be emailed to



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