Volume 1 , Issue 1


Recent Events


National Line Xi

CrossingOn November 3-5, 2017 We welcomed three new brothers into
the Sigma Alpha Gamma family. We would like to present National
Line Xi, The New Jacks of Xi:
#1 Ronnell “ Nino Brown” Simmons
#3 Curtis “DuhDuh Man” Curtis
#4 Armanti “G-Money” Everett
During this weekend the brothers of Sigma Alpha Gamma along
with the sisters of Alpha Gamma Xi took to the streets of Dallas,
TX to make a difference and feed the homeless around the city.

Veterans Day


“Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and
uphold our values when duty called.” - Bill Shuster
Happy Veterans Day to all current and prior Active Duty,
Reservists, and Retirees.

Upcoming Events


National Line Omicron Intake

The application process for National Line Omicron has begun please
spread the word to those who have shown interest in becoming apart of
this great fraternity.
The Crossing will take place in San Diego, CA.